Schiste has a Policy on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a minimum requirement for all persons on our facility (ies). It stipulates that:

  • Correct PPE is worn for the correct intended purpose when executing a typical job
  • Safety helmets, Shoes or boots must be worn at all times during work.
  • Safety Glasses and Eye Protection Shields are to be used outside accommodation and in office areas in operating facilities, drilling rigs, workshops and areas where such signage is posted and governed by local rules.
  • Gloves are to be used to protect hands against chemicals, physical agents and biological hazards. (Note that wearing of gloves during operations of highspeed rotating machinery such as Lathes, pillar drills etc. is strictly prohibited)
  • No finger rings, bangles or bracelets must be worn during operation of rotating equipment
  • Welding Gloves and appropriate face shields must be used when welding and gas

cutting equipment’s are used

  • Long Sleeve Coveralls must be worn. (Both polymix, 65% polyester +35 % cotton and cotton type are acceptable)
  • Hearing protection must be used on board vessels engine room and areas where signage is posted.
  • Safety Harness and Safety Belt must be used when working at heights (height above 1.80meter.

Depending on the nature of work or activity, additional or special types of PPE may be required and must be specified in the Permit to Work


Managing Director 26/3/2021