Schiste is committed to achieve our goal of zero harm to the environment, employees and people.

In line with our HSSEQ Policy where our objectives are stipulated, it is the right of any

Company’s employees to raise “STOP WORK ORDER” when:

  • You personally observe a hazard
  • You view it is an Imminent dangerous situation
  • You have no other immediate option but to get the situation corrected

Steps to Issuing STOP WORK

  • Warn any person who is at risk
  • Tell the person performing the operation in question that you are issuing the STOP WORK
  • Immediately report the STOP WORK action to the operational line supervisor, person in charge or the DPA
  • Re-evaluate the Risk associated with the job/task/activity.
  • Do not resume till the risk has been reasonably mitigated.

Everyone within the organization is empowered to exercise STOP WORK Policy


Managing Director 26/3/2021